Monday, May 16, 2011

J/29 White Rabbit

. . . a Revolutionary Class Sailboat! (Fucking With Overlords since 10,000 B.C.!)

You can't get Anywhere without an Adventure whose outcome is Uncertain.

Project White Rabbit: Update May 16

Accomplished as of May 15: installed fiberglass in forepeak area, cockpit sole area, starboard chainplate area.

To Do:

1. Finish installing fiberglass in port chainplate area, aft starboard stanchion area. Inspect a small "dead" spot next to forepeak area. √

2. Complete filling chainplate holes in bulkhead. Rout out chainplate slots through deck. Attach waxed chainplates and epoxy. √

3. Fill open holes in cockpit area (winch handle holders) and transom (motor bracket). √

4. Install new motor bracket and winch handle holders. √

5. Drill and fill with epoxy all deck holes. Clean up deck

6. Install new windows with bedding. √

7. Install all hardware with bedding.

8. Attach spreaders to mast. Inspect mast. √

9. Check keel bolts, tighten if necessary. Fair keel joint. √

10. Install lifelines. √

11. Install forepeak deck plate. √

12. Install compasses √

13. Paint boat bottom. √

14. Get boat name decal. Put on. √

Monday, May 2, 2011

We are the Borg

I have been thinking about the uses of technology lately. Actually, I have been thinking about the effects of the uses of technology, and my considered conclusion is that it alienates humanity from life.

And I don't equate technology with simple tools. Tools are good; even crows use them.

Consider a simple drive in your car. What do you hear, feel, see? Virtually nothing. In your mind, walk the same route and imagine the difference in your experience. What did getting there faster accomplish other than getting there faster? How rich was your experience on the walk?

More on this later.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

White Rabbit May Day Update

The fucking boat is a pain in the ass, but that's okay: you fight with, and for, the things you love.

May 1, 2011: All I've accomplished to date is epoxying the balsa core. It took from March 26 until now to get it done. Up next: fiberglass. They say that's easy. We'll see.

Step 1: Cut and peal/chip away fiberglass skin from under the deck. Previously I drilled holes to see where wet core was located, hoping I could dry it out rather than replace it, which turned out not to be doable (brown, rotten core). Cutting with an oscillating saw (Sears) worked pretty well, but the fiberglass was tough! It took awhile.

Step 2: Scrape and chisel away wet core; difficult in tight place such as around the bulkhead and by the cabinet. Sand surfaces clean.

Step 3: grind edges of cut fiberglass to create a bevel. Only the grinder tool will do it. Sanding is useless.

Step 4: Make paper patterns for replacement areas, then cut balsa to fit. Time consuming! Especially around the chain plate areas above the bulkhead, where I had to sand down the 3/4 inch balsa to fit. Use paper patterns for plywood templates to hold up epoxied balsa core.

Step 5: Get dowels and other wood to prop up templates. Cut plastic to put between template and glued core.

Step 6: Mix West System epoxy (205 hardener, 406 silica filler, 105 resin); make thick, peanut butter or mayonnaise consistency; apply with notched spreader on both surfaces; place and hold up with wood bracing.