Monday, May 16, 2011

Project White Rabbit: Update May 16

Accomplished as of May 15: installed fiberglass in forepeak area, cockpit sole area, starboard chainplate area.

To Do:

1. Finish installing fiberglass in port chainplate area, aft starboard stanchion area. Inspect a small "dead" spot next to forepeak area. √

2. Complete filling chainplate holes in bulkhead. Rout out chainplate slots through deck. Attach waxed chainplates and epoxy. √

3. Fill open holes in cockpit area (winch handle holders) and transom (motor bracket). √

4. Install new motor bracket and winch handle holders. √

5. Drill and fill with epoxy all deck holes. Clean up deck

6. Install new windows with bedding. √

7. Install all hardware with bedding.

8. Attach spreaders to mast. Inspect mast. √

9. Check keel bolts, tighten if necessary. Fair keel joint. √

10. Install lifelines. √

11. Install forepeak deck plate. √

12. Install compasses √

13. Paint boat bottom. √

14. Get boat name decal. Put on. √

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